Our Legal Services Based On Our Extensive Expertise and Considerable

Experience In The Field Of Data Protection Law Are As Follows:

  • Seminars and training programs tailored to company and sector specific needs,
  • Mapping of personal data processing inventory for the data controllers,
  • Preparation of data protection impact assessment report concerning the activities in the data processing inventory,
  • Documenting the procedures and policies such as the data retention and erasure policy required under the Data Protection Law,
  • Preparation of texts of privacy information and consents for different data subjects,
  • The design of the process for the responses to the requests of data subjects,
  • Review and updating of company’s contracts with regard to the compliance with the Data Protection Law,
  • Drawing up the retention and erasure schedule as per obligations under the Data Protection Law,
  • Devising the best practices tailored to company’s needs regarding the technical and organisational security measures,
  • The management of the registration and keeping up to date of data controller registry,
  • Application to Data Protection Board in order to transfer personal data abroad by the commitments of data controllers,