Professional Experience:


Senol worked as case handler in Competition Authority for 5 years. He moved to Tax Inspector Board in 2004, working for 10 years in that institution. During his public career, he assigned to the inspection and investigation of many companies which operate in different sectors such as textile, agriculture, construction, sale of motor vehicles and motorcycles, insurance, hospital activities, machining etc.


After resigned from his public sector career, he gained the considerable private-sector experience and practice in Egemenoğlu Law Firm and Deloitte İstanbul office for 5 years. He is now running his own law firm in İstanbul.He has certificate of attorney at law, admitted to İstanbul Bar Association, specialized at corporate, employment, tax, competition, foreign trade and investment, customs and data protection law. He also holds certificates of Sworn Public Accountant and Independent Auditor.
He wrote book regarding business restructuring in the perspective of tax law, competition law and corporate law and published many articles in the fields of tax, competition, public incentives, corporate and data protection law.


Educational Background:


After the graduation from Fiscal Vocational College of Ankara, Senol holds a BA degree from Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences and Law School of Çankaya University. He also completed the LLM program in international tax law from University of Economics and Business, Vienna.


Professional Qualifications: Attorney at Law, SPA Certificate, CMB Certificate of External Auditor


Foreign Language: English (Reading, writing, speaking very advanced level)






  • Kartellerle Mücadelede Pişmanlık Programlarının Uygulanması, Rekabet Uzmanlığı Tezi, Rekabet Kurumu www.rekabet.gov.tr)
  • Vergi Teşviklerinin Rekabet Üzerindeki Etkisi (Vergi teşvikleri konusunda Avrupa Birliği rekabet ve devlet yardımları kurallarının uygulamaları ve Türk mevzuatındaki vergisel teşviklerin bu uygulamalar çerçevesinde irdelenmesi), Hesap Uzmanları Kurulu Yeterlik Etüdü.
  • Disallowance of interest deductions in Article 81 of the CCCTB draft proposal, Wirtschaftsuniversitaet (Vienna University of Economics and Business), International Tax Law, Master Thesis.



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