Our Legal Services Based On Our Extensive Expertise and Considerable

Experience In The Field Of Tax Law Are As Follows:

  • Seminars and training programs tailored to company and sector specific needs,
  • Preparation of the written opinions and reports regarding International and Turkish Tax Law and advisory and auditing services related to them,
  • Legal advice during the tax probe and investigation procedure,
  • Legal defense before The Review Committees of Supplemental Tax Assessment Reports,
  • Drafting the form of request for advance ruling and application to the Ministry of Finance and Treasury,
  • Services for the documentation, analysis and reporting in the field of transfer pricing,
  • Management of the procedures of reconciliation both before and after supplemental tax assessment,
  • Appearance before tax courts for tax lawsuits and proceedings,
  • Drawing-up reports as regards tax incentives,
  • Payroll services for filing withholding tax and social security premium return,
  • Consultancy services in the field of VAT and withholding tax refunds,
  • Business reorganization services such as merger, full/partial division, exchanges of shares, change of company type,
  • Structuring of tax burden and wealth protection locally and internationally,
  • Consultancy services for expats regarding work and residence permit, tax and social security law.